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   5/25/2019  Saturday

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SLECA is proud to offer some of the lowest rates and most reliable service in the state. Since our power is coal-based it is dependable, affordable and does not have the large variances that natural gas-based electric utilities may have.

SLECA’s attractive menu of competitive rates for commercial and industrial customers are geared to different load factors, time of day and even types of organizations such as schools, churches, etc.

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  Schedule   Description  
A Farm, Home or Residential
B Schools, Churches and Pumps
C Small Power Service  
D Large Power Service
E Camp or Remote Service
F Small Power – Remote Area
G Street and Yard Lighting


PCA-SL Power Cost Adjustment Clause
FCA-SL Fuel Cost Adjustment Clause
Rider A-1
E-1 Rider E-1
NM Net Metering Rider